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For These Businesses:
Small:Clothing, Athletic, Boutique, Florists, Book Stores
Medium:Furniture, Home Decor
Large:Department Stores, Home Improvement, Appliances, Electronics

Advertising & Marketing Tools:
Ad Credits: Want to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns? Attach one of our Advertisement Credit QR codes to your ads and track all of the customers that interact with it, while also providing those customers with discounts for doing so. Try
Pomotion Codes: If your point-of-sale software provider doesn't integrate with the Wallet Platform, our Promo Codes feature will allow you to insert your own custom promotions into customers' wallets. Try
Quick Links: Quick links contain your company's social media accounts, videos, blogs, online store, and any other external sites you might want to direct your users to. Try
Dynamic Offers: Motivate and incentivize your customers to act *NOW* by giving them a voucher which changes in value right before their eyes. Drive customer behavior by providing your customers with maximum value up front and watch them respond immediately. Try
Live Events: When you have an upcoming event to promote, put the details into the Live Events area in your user's wallet! Try

Communication Tools:
SMS Opt-In: The number of QR code opt-in pages that enable your business to gather sign-ups or opt-ins from different locations. Example indoor seating area, outdoor seating area, website, facebook, etc. Try
SMS Help Desk: This tool allows your business to respond to HelpDesk inquiries sent by your customers to any of your short code or long code numbers. Try
Live Chat: Once customers are engaged with your brand, they'll expect support from your team. This is where our brilliant live chat functionality comes into play, keeping your customers engaged. Try
Apple Wallet: Communicate directly with your customers' Apple devices through the Apple Wallet application. Update their offers directly on their device, and stay in sync with them at all times. Try
Google Wallet: Communicate directly with your customers' Android devices through the Google Wallet application. Update their offers directly on their device, and stay in sync with them at all times. Try

Loyalty Tools:
Member Points: The total number of point redemptions made by your members. Point redemptions are made when your member presents his/her Wallet Member QR Code to get discounts through accumulated points. Try
Member Tiers: Membership Tiers are levels or hierarchy in your membership structure that typically specifies the amount of privileges that a member can enjoy (e.g. Platinum Members can enjoy a 20% discount on all items). Try
Store Credit: Each of these accounts maintain a balance like a checking account. Balances can be incremented or decremented, and can be associated with multiple transactions. They serve as a unique way to reimburse customers, or give them a line of credit with your establishment. Customers can only use their credit account with your company, so there's no risk of them using this credit elsewhere. Try
News & Blog: When you have some news to share with your audience, post a snippet to this Blog/News area for customers to access. You can also point them to your full article for more info. Try