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Our Administrative Portal provides businesses with a robust toolkit to optimize the customer lifecycle. This is done by combining CRM, Digital Payments, SMS and real-time chat tools with a comprehensive loyalty system. Real-time analytics support your business and its customers every step of the way.

Customer Relationship Management

We help you build rapport with your customers. Our software integrates with your existing CRM system if you already have one.

Loyalty System

Automatically reward customers for their continued business. Plug-in your existing loyalty system, if you already have one.

Digital Payments

Use your existing Point-of-Sale systems. No new apps to install or hardware to buy. We integrate with your existing PoS system, if you already have one.

Marketing Communications

Keep in touch, without pestering anyone. Send and receive messages with your customers while staying TCPA compliant.

Happy Customers

Spread the Joy

Good content goes viral nowadays. People want to share what makes them happy. By giving your customers a digital wallet, you're giving them tools to help your business go viral.

Showing Appreciation

Show your customers how important they are. Once you've created a secure and personalized digital wallet for them, fill it with credit, points, discounts and rewards so they truly feel valued.

No Hardware Required

There's no app to download, and no hardware to buy. Your customers receive a text message and click a link. It's so simple, it couldn't be easier to bring customers through your doors.

Push Button, Make Money

Log in, launch a campaign, and count the money as you watch customers pour in. It’s really that simple. Our system is unlike ANYTHING else you’ve ever seen. We take all of the guesswork out of the process by providing real-time analytics on everything.

Digital Payment Methods

What makes our platform special is the robust library of unique payment types that we provide. We supplement your existing Point of Sale software so you can accept much more than just cash or credit. These are some of the special payment objects that our platform provides to you and your customers:

Dynamic Vouchers

Distribute vouchers that change in value from one second to the next. Motivate your customers to visit you immediately for maximum value.

Static Vouchers

Unlike a coupon which can be used by anyone, each static voucher can be used by only a single person. This allows you to track your marketing campaigns with incredible precision.

Resort Credit

Give your customers a credit to their wallet that can be used at any point of sale terminal on premises.

Membership Tiers

Want to give one group of customers a 5% discount on everything they purchase, while giving a different group 10% off? Tiers allow you to categorize members into unique groups for special discounts.

Membership Points

Want your customers to accrue points over time, and then use those points for cash discounts? This feature has you covered.

Membership Levels

Levels enable your customers to progressively graduate for maximum benefits. Gamify your transactions with customers and give them a reason to level up.

Gift Certificates

Digitize your gift certificate operation by allowing customers to purchase and send gift certificates to others' Wallets. Gift certificates are purchased once and decrement until reaching $0.

Gift Cards

By moving your gift cards into the digital space, customers can buy, distribute, and reload cards whenever they choose.

Advertisement Credit

Want to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns? Attach one of our Advertisement Credit QR codes to your advertisement and track all of the customers that interact with it.

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> $1 Billion Total Value Provided

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Your business uses a unique combination of products and systems.
Our software can integrate with the tools and processes you already have in place.

Use your loyalty system.
Use your CRM system.

No migration is necessary.

Use our platform to improve the processes and tools you already have in place!

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