Agency Certification Program


Marketing, advertising, and public relations are essential components for most businesses to find and acquire new customers. Agencies which possess the skills to identify avatars, curate engaging content, organize strategic cohorts, create grand-slam offers, and reach their audience through the best-suited mediums are the teams that we want to work with.

Our mission is to help your clients *keep* those hard-won customers and have them returning with consistency and regularity. Dozens of tools within the Wallet Platform work in unison to build your client's customer database from scratch (if needed), and leverage that database to establish trust and credibility in the eyes of the consumer.

A quick refresher on the importance of customer retention compared to customer acquisition...

Acquisition vs Retention

Acquiring a new customer costs 500% more than retaining an existing one.

Businesses that increase customer retention rates by just 5% typically see profit grow by 25%-95%.

The Wallet Platform is the essential ingredient in the customer retention recipe. It requires time, patience and skill to optimize the results for each merchant, so we are quite selective when choosing which agencies are accepted into our certification program. Not all who apply will be accepted. Please see the options below to determine whether a certification is suitable for your agency.

Launching July 2024


1 Available through Q2 2024


2 Available through Q2 2024


10 Available through Q2 2024



Provided To You:

Certification for up to 100 employees.
Certification for up to 20 employees.
Certification for up to 5 employees.
Certification for 1 employee.
Lifetime certification.
Annual renewal.
Access to private Discord channel for 24/7 support and real-time campaign performance assessments.
Access to the Wallet Community Forum.
Affiliate program, commission on client revenue.
Partnered with Certified Developers for reliable, customized solutions for your clients' needs.
"Done-With-You" client implementations per year.
Access to our internal software development roadmap, so you always know which new features are in the pipeline.
Access to beta releases of new modules and features for feedback and collaboration.
1-on-1 access to Wallet Inc.'s leadership team (yes, cell phone #s).
Guest invitations to post to the Wallet Blog (per year) for exposure, credibility, and SEO benefits.
"Done-For-You" client implementations per year.

Guides, Cheatsheets & Checklists:

How to deliver value to a customer in less than 24hrs.
How to collect Subscribers at trade shows, without even speaking to them.
The key behavior patterns for Visitors, Subscribers, Customers and Members, and how to capitalize on them.
How to convert Visitors into Subscribers.
How to convert Subscribers into Customers.
How to convert Customers into life-long Members.
How to use QR codes on business cards for pinpoint lead-tracking accuracy.
How to track your social media visitors with precision.
How to get Visitors into your sales funnels at absolutely no cost.
How to redeem offers with an unsupported point-of-sale system.
How to equip wait staff with mobile-friendly redemption tools.
How to use funnel diagrams for campaign performance tuning.
Implementation plan, strategies & best practices for retail businesses.
Implementation plan, strategies & best practices for restaurants.
Implementation plan, strategies & best practices for service providers.
Implementation plan, strategies & best practices for markets, convience & grocery stores.
Implementation plan, strategies & best practices for hotels.
Implementation plan, strategies & best practices for casinos.
Implementation plan, strategies & best practices for entertainment venues.
How to automatically collect phone numbers from your social media visitors.


Unconditional money-back guarantee. No time limit. No questions asked. (Note: Once you leave, you can never come back.)
Step-by-step video walkthroughs of the platform.
1-on-1 coaching with the Wallet Sales & Customer Success Teams.
Personalized video conferences to tackle any challenges you are facing.
Certification badge for display on your website, social media, resume(s), and portals like MarketerHire / Fiverr / UpWork / etc.
A unique certificate ID for clients to verify that your certification is legitimate.
A designated web page on our website to confirm your team's certification.
Listing in our Certified Agency page / directory providing new inbound leads for your services and a high-quality inbound link to your website (for SEO).
No-cost access to the Wallet Platform for your team, so you can use our tools and features for the growth and advancement of your own operations.
Referrals of our clients to your company for advanced solutions.

Requirements To Qualify:

Mastery of the CAN-SPAM regulations.
Mastery of at least five advertising platforms & mediums.
Mastery of at least three advertising platforms & mediums.
Mastery of at least two advertising platforms & mediums.
Mastery of at least one advertising platform or medium.
Mastery of the TCPA & CTIA regulations.
Mastery of the GDPR regulations.
Mastery of the English language for clear communication w/ clients.

Getting Started: