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For These Businesses:
Small:Poker Rooms, Card Rooms
Medium:Sports Betting, Horse Betting Locations
Large:Tribal Gaming, Casino Resorts

Informational Tools:
Merchant Profile: The merchant profile represents your business on the Wallet platform. It is the foundation upon which all of our products and features are provided. Please note: Franchises will require one merchant profile for each physical location. This allows consumers to connect with each property individually and receive sufficient support, rewards, and personal attention.
Mobile App
(iOS & Android):
A true mobile app for your business, complete with branding, logos, style, and personalized content for all of your users. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store with your logo, colors, branding, content, and rewards... Completely managed for you.
Progressive Web App: A Progressive Web App is a hybrid web + app mobile experience. PWAs allow users to interact with your brand when they are offline. They also enable users to install your wallet without being forced to visit an app store. PWAs put your brand at the cutting edge of technology innovation, for maximum customer engagement.
Products: By listing your most popular products, you can keep customers excited about making another purchase. Although you can add as many products as you wish, we recommend listing no more than 20 products in total to entice your customers.
Services: Showcase your unique services and offerings, and link directly to your booking system if needed. A great way to give customers a peek at all the value your business has to offer.
News & Blog: When you have some news to share with your audience, add it to this Blog/News area for customers to view. You can also point them to your full article for more info.
Events: When you have an upcoming event to promote, put the details into the Events area in your user's wallet! Add your upcoming shows, webinars, performances, conferences, trade shows, classes, or celebrations here!
Gallery: The Gallery allows you to share impactful content with your audience. Show them new products, services, and benefits that they'll receive from doing business with you!
Videos: An image is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand images. Show visitors your clips, reels, or short videos to pique their interest!
Representatives: Designate specific employees or departments as your primary contact channels for support, sales, general inquiries, or anything else your business might need! These designated representatives will be displayed in your wallet for customers to connect with, and save directly into their "contacts" list in their smartphone.
Virtual Business Cards: Virtual Business Cards allow you to share the contact details for any person, team, contact, or social media account with a link, QR code, or vCard.

Advertising & Marketing Tools:
Ad Credits: Want to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns? Attach one of our Advertisement Credit QR codes to your ads and track all of the customers that interact with it, while also providing those customers with discounts for doing so.
Promotion Codes: If your point-of-sale software provider doesn't integrate with the Wallet Platform, our Promo Codes feature will allow you to insert your own custom promotions into customers' wallets.
Link Shortener: Shortened links allow you to monitor clicks to a long destination URL, while replacing it with a short, simple, and easy to read one. Perfect for experienced marketers that use UTM parameters to enhance the effectiveness of Google Analytics reporting. Also useful for increasing CTRs on social media posts, reducing SMS/MMS messaging costs, and enhancing branding with a white-labeled domain. A QR code generator is also provided with this feature.
Quick Links: Often used as a "link-in-bio", Quick Links contain your company's social media accounts, videos, blogs, online store, and any other external sites you might want to direct your users to.
Media Files: Media Files are the images uploaded or saved in the Platform for MMS campaigns, offers, or events that you are making.
QR Code Design Templates: Customize QR codes with your own branding, colors, logos, and style, then save those designs as reusable templates. This provides consistent branding for all QR codes that are generated by the platform for your business, and ensures uniformity at all times.
Campaign Calendar: Keep track of all marketing activities throughout the year with a calendar that automatically displays your past, present, and future marketing campaigns.
Featured Presence: Premium Plans Only: Prominent display of your establishment to all visitors, subscribers, customers, and members that use the Wallet UI in your geographical area (radius depends on location density). Featured brands will appear at the top of the list of merchants within the Wallet UI for their industry, making them easier for consumers to access and interact with.

Communication Tools:
SMS & MMS Marketing: Basic: Communication with your customers is essential, and SMS/MMS is precisely the way to do it these days. With 95%-98% open rates, this is by far the most effective way of keeping customers engaged with your brand.

Advanced: Includes all Basic SMS features, a bidirectional Help Desk system for customer support, and an integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence system.

Professional: Includes all Advanced SMS features, plus support for Short Codes and high volume message throughput and delivery.
SMS Opt-In: Capture new subscribers with CLICK-to-join, SCAN-to-join, and TEXT-to-join options!
SMS Help Desk: The SMS Help Desk allows your business to respond to consumer inquiries through one or more of your registered phone numbers. Both text and images can be sent in either direction to/from your customers, as you assist them with their needs.
Live Chat: Once customers are engaged with your brand, they'll expect support from your team. This is where our brilliant live chat functionality comes into play, keeping your customers engaged.
Email Opt-In: Capture email addresses from visitors with a mobile-friendly page that's easy for them to subscribe. Perfect for establishing a periodic newsletter and/or audience for promoting products & services.
Apple Wallet: Communicate directly with your customers' Apple devices through the Apple Wallet application. Update their offers directly on their device, and stay in sync with them at all times.
Google Wallet: Communicate directly with your customers' Android devices through the Google Wallet application. Update their offers directly on their device, and stay in sync with them at all times.
Group Chat: Group Chat provides your customers with a community to discuss your company's products and services in an open forum. This is a great way to gather questions and feedback from your visitors, subscribers, customers, and members.

Customers & Loyalty Tools:
Static Offers: Unlike a coupon which can be used by anyone, each static voucher can be used by only a single person. This allows you to track your marketing campaigns with incredible precision.
Dynamic Offers: Motivate and incentivize your customers to act *NOW* by giving them a voucher which changes in value right before their eyes. Drive customer behavior by providing your customers with maximum value up front and watch them respond immediately.
Member Tiers: Want to give one group of customers a 5% discount on everything they purchase, while giving a different group 10% off? Tiers allow you to categorize members into unique groups for special discounts.
Member Points: Want your customers to accrue points over time, and then use those points for cash discounts? This feature has you covered.
Store Credit: Each of these accounts maintain a balance like a checking account. Balances can be incremented or decremented, and can be associated with multiple transactions. They serve as a unique way to reimburse customers, or give them a line of credit with your establishment. Customers can only use their credit account with your company, so there's no risk of them using this credit elsewhere.
Event Tickets: Provide guests with complimentary event tickets to bring them through your doors. This feature allows you to issue an unlimited number of tickets to guests while managing the acceptance rate (reservation rate) from these guests. A great way to fill the empty seats in your venue!
Gift Certificates: Enables customers to buy and distribute digital gift certificates to their friends, family, and peers. Credit card processing fees are set at 3.5%.
Gift Cards: Enables customers to buy and distribute *reloadable* digital gift cardss to their friends, family, and peers. Credit card processing fees are set at 3.5%.
Points on Purchase: When members complete a financial transaction, this feature will automatically assign new points to the member based on the rules that you've defined.
Merchant Mobile Scanner: The Merchant Scanner is a mobile app for your business, enabling your team to redeem items that your customers bring through your doors. Please visit the Downloads page for more details.
Web-Based PoS Terminal: Equip your font-line employees with a simple web-based point-of-sale terminal. This supports your team as customers bring redeemable items up to your front desk.
Transaction Ledger: A complete record of every transaction performed with your customers or club members through the Wallet Platform. An indispensible tool for bookkeepers or revenue audit teams.

System Tools:
Roles-Based Access Controls (RBAC): Basic: Roles-Based Access Controls (or permissions) provide you with the tools to give access to specific features to one employee and very different permissions to another.

Advanced: This upgrade provides the ability to create custom roles for specific teams, while maintaining granular controls for each team member. It also allows you to delegate system notifications to specific people or teams (i.e. Marketing, IT, Customer Support, Accounts Payable, etc). Critical for large teams.
API: An API (Application Programming Interface) provides a way for external systems and custom software to communicate with the Wallet platform directly (not using a web browser). This level of functionality is often required by programmers at your company, that wish to build features upon our software. For example, you might want your business website to accept the payment tools provided by Wallet Inc. To accomplish this, your website will need to communicate with our API.
Software Development Kit (SDK): An SDK is a suite of plug-and-play code modules that can be placed into your own proprietary business applications, which improve existing operations. We provide an SDK in 17 different programming languages, so your team can reuse our code modules however they wish. Visit The Wallet Developer Hub for more details.
White-Labeled: Use a custom domain to serve your customers using the Wallet Platform. This will remove all Wallet Inc branding and replace our links with your own domain name in all QR codes, short links, links in SMS messages, and other areas. The ideal solution for larger companies that must reinforce their own brand in all of these areas.
Designated Development Environment: Access to all new features and enhancements before they are provided to the public, in a designated development environment for your team to review before they go live. This provides your company with the ability to contribute to new concepts and features throughout the SDLC (software development lifecycle).
Ecommerce Integration: Currently focusing on Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce (WordPress) integrations. These integrations allow your customers to use their digital wallet during their online shopping to redeem items and receive maximum value.
Blockchain Ledger: For businesses that require the most secure and sophisticated financial auditing tools, the Wallet platform can provide your business with a private blockchain. This private blockchain becomes your immutible ledger, diligently recording every single transaction for future auditing. Please allow 30-days for setup.
Point-of-Sale Integration: Integration of your point-of-sale terminals for maximum efficiency and customer analytics. This allows your customers to use their digital wallet on-site for exciting perks and rewards.
User Activity Log: A detailed record of every action performed by your team members on the platform.
Security Audit Log: Each time a team member elevates permissions, or reduces access controls for a team member, those actions are recorded in a separate log for oversight.
Data Export Log: Easily export data from the platform at any time, and easily access all past data exports from the Data Export Log.
Analytics: Comprehensive detailed analytics of the performance of every aspect of your brand's performance on the Wallet Platform. Bar charts, line charts, pie charts and more are provided, enabling you to identify trends in your customer engagement data.
Additional Dev & Marketing Services: Additional development & marketing services are available. Ideal for organizations that have unique integration needs, development needs, and/or wish to have the platform operated by our team of marketing professionals.
Service Level Agreement: Basic: 97.5% uptime guarantee. Approximately 1-week turnaround time for customer support tickets, with no additional marketing or development support provided. Ideal for small businesses that don't require 24/7/365 attention.

Advanced: 98% uptime guarantee. Approximately 2-day turnaround time for customer support tickets, with minimal marketing or development support provided. Ideal for medium-sized businesses that may require a moderate level of support.

Concierge: 99.99% uptime guarantee. Approximately 1-hour turnaround time for customer support tickets, with 24/7/365 marketing and development support provided. Ideal for larger businesses with multiple teams and complex system integrations.