Developer Certification Program


As software engineers ourselves, we care deeply about the quality of our certification program and it's participants. Our mission is to instill into other development teams the same passion that we have for solving difficult customer retention problems. To ensure that we provide adequate attention and support to our certified developers, not every application to this program will be accepted.

We cannot currently handle more than 5 certifications per month, so once these five spots are claimed, new applicants will be placed into a queue for our team to review the following month.

Discounts may be provided to teams that demonstrate exceptional ability. However, we've set a cap for the number of Platinum-Certified Developers at a maximum of 5 teams in total. Once these spots have been filled, they will no longer be available to future applicants.

Our team spends between 100-1,000 hours with each certified development team to ensure that they can support our mutual clients' needs. This time commitment is an investment in your team that is equal to, or greater than, your team's investment in this certification process. We want you to win and will do everything in our power to ensure your success.

Once your team has achieved certification, we can confidently refer our customers to you with the highest recommendation, for the most complex installations, modifications, and operations of our platform to accomplish their business goals.

Limit: 1 of 1 Available


Limit: 1 of 2 Available


Limit: 3 of 5 Available


Limit: 4 of 10 Available



Provided To You:

Certification of proficiency with the Wallet API.
Certification for up to 50 developers.
Certification of proficiency with the Wallet server-side SDK.
Certification for up to 20 developers.
Certification of proficiency with the Wallet client-side libraries.
Certification for up to 5 developers.
Certification for a single developer.
Access to private Discord channel for 24/7 support and real-time troubleshooting.
Contributor access to the Wallet Developer Hub.
Access to the Wallet Community Forum.
Affiliate program, commission on client revenue.
Lifetime certification.
Annual renewal.
Partnered with Certified Agencies for consistent inbound clients.
Access to our internal software development roadmap, so you always know which new features are in the pipeline.
Access to beta releases of new modules and features for feedback and collaboration.
Guest invitations to post to the Wallet Blog (per year) for exposure, credibility, and SEO benefits.
1-on-1 access to Wallet Inc.'s CTO & leadership team.


Unconditional money-back guarantee. No time limit. No questions asked. (Note: Once you leave, you can never come back.)
Step-by-step video walkthroughs of the platform.
1-on-1 coaching with the Wallet Development Team.
Personalized video conferences to tackle any challenges you are facing.
Certification badge for display on your website, social media, resume(s), and freelance portals like Fiverr / UpWork / etc.
A unique certificate ID for clients to verify that your certification is legitimate.
A designated web page on our website to confirm your team's certification.
Listing in our Certified Developer page / directory providing new inbound leads for your services and a high-quality inbound link to your website (for SEO).
No-cost access to the Wallet Platform for your team, so you can use our tools and features for the growth and advancement of your own operations.
Referrals of our clients to your company for advanced solutions.

Requirements To Qualify:

Mastery of API best practices: Authentication, authorization, rate limiting, JWT, OAuth, API key storage, securing environment variables, etc.
Mastery of communication protocols: HTTP/S, TLS, WebSockets, HTTP Status Codes, Firewall configurations, Whitelisting IP ranges, CORS, etc.
Mastery of international currency formats.
Mastery of international date / time formats.
Mastery of webhooks.
Mastery of our Zapier modules (Zaps).
Mastery of one server-size programming language.
Mastery of various data formats: JSON, XML, binary, base64, etc.
Mastery of at least one RDBMS & SQL.
Mastery of HTML / JS / CSS.
Mastery of three or more template-based engines: WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, GoDaddy, ClickFunnels, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.
Mastery of the English language for clear communication w/ clients.

Getting Started: