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CRM, Marketing, Loyalty, Messaging & Payments

The Wallet Platform provides your business with a toolkit to optimize the customer lifecycle. This is done by combining CRM, Marketing, Loyalty, Messaging, and Digital Payments into a single, centralized system. Real-time analytics support your business and its customers every step of the way.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management

Build rapport with your customers by integrating the Wallet Platform with your existing CRM system, or use it as a standalone CRM.

Marketing & Loyalty
Marketing & Loyalty

Automatically reward customers for their continued business. Connect an existing loyalty system if you already have one.

SMS & MMS Marketing

Keep customers connected and excited by sending engaging SMS/MMS messages, and support them with real-time chat.

Digital Payments
Digital Payments

Creative offers, discounts, promotions, points, vouchers and more keep your customers coming back!

60-Second Videos

Your Customer Communication Hub

The Wallet Platform incentivizes your customers while also reinforcing YOUR brand (not ours). This is done by providing your company with its own branded digital wallet, which behaves just like your own proprietary mobile app.
Live Chat Customer Support

Direct Communication

Forget about the old days of clumsy email marketing. Customers today demand convenience. By creating a personalized digital wallet for each customer, you can ensure that they always have the latest information and perks at their fingertips.

Membership Club, Tiers, Points

Showing Appreciation

Show your customers how important they are. Once you've created a secure and personalized digital wallet for them, fill it with credit, points, discounts and rewards so they truly feel valued.

Cloud-Based Fintech SaaS Platform

No Hardware Required

There's no app to download, and no hardware to buy. Your customers receive a text message and click a link. It's so simple, it couldn't be easier to bring customers through your doors.

Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Understand Customer Behaviors

How well do you know your visitors, subscribers, customers, and members? Get incredible insight into these four stages of the customer lifecycle and motivate buyers to take each of their next steps.

Wallet Inc - Integration diagram with annotations.

The B2C Technology Vendor Landscape

The landscape of technology vendors for B2C business consists primarily of advertising / marketing platforms, CRM (customer relationship management) systems for managing customer data, customer loyalty programs, and payment providers. The Wallet Platform resides at the center of this intersection, acting as a bridge and a hub for managing these critical components for your business.
Marketing / Advertising

Marketing / Advertising

Meeting your customers where they are is paramount to successful marketing and advertising. It's no secret that people have their phones glued to their hips, hands, or eyeballs nearly 24 hours a day, so it has never been more important to maintain a presence on your customer's smart devices. Creating a fully customized mobile wallet for your business with the Wallet Platform ensures that your business stays top-of-mind for your customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

With "Scan", "Click", and "Text to join" options, adding new subscribers to your mobile wallet couldn't be any easier. With no app to download and no hardware to buy, bringing your customers through the door is even simpler. Your customers receive a text message, click a link, and head to their favorite business... Yours!

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

The true magic of the Wallet Platform is in the creation and delivery of engaging offers that connect with your consumers at each stage of their journey with your business. Convert visitors into subscribers, subscribers into customers, and customers into lifelong club members by providing a direct channel for them to receive your offers and engage with your brand through each of these steps.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Consumer trust is at an all-time low, so managing your customer relationships has never been more important. The Wallet Platform provides a solid foundation to measure the customer lifecycle, and enhance the relationships that you share with each of them. Bringing new AND old customers through your doors is now easier than ever before.


Your business uses a unique combination of products and systems.
Our software can integrate with your existing tools and processes.

Use your loyalty system.
Use your CRM system.
Use your PoS system.

No migration is necessary.

Our platform improves the processes and tools you already have in place!

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